Portland’s Stumptown Comics Fest is fast approaching, and I’ll be participating on Sunday, April 25th, with a signing and presentation.
For those of you who are local or able to attend, I’m curious what topics, images, and formats you’re craving. It seems like the last three years
I’ve just talked about progress on HABIBI — at least this time it’s only a couple of months from completion. What can I do to make this round
more fulfilling for the audience? … My apologies to all of you that aren’t local. In 2011, I promise to be touring EVERYWHERE!

The poster this year is created by my good buddy Theo Ellsworth. (couldn’t find a decent jpeg…)

In other news, Mathew sent a question about the Atlantic Center for the Arts residency. Send in as many ideas/proposals as you wish!
However, since I can only choose eight “Associate artists”, the more realized the proposal the better.