grandpa is an eyeball


Above is a birthday drawing for my buddy Billy. He’s responsible for getting me hooked on
the Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro manga of Shigeru Mizuki. Mizuki lost his drawing hand/arm thanks to an
attack by Allied Forces during World War II. Afterwards, he taught himself to draw with his other hand
and poured forth prodigious pages of nutty/spooky, monster-laden manga. I’m a big dork for his work.


Thanks to the DRAWN! blog for endorsing dootdootblog. That site is juicy-full of goodness. Russel, I’m taking a break from
interviews/promotion so that I can be productive with HABIBI (this blog is an indulgence) – but it’s always good to check in
with my agent PJ, because he may urge for exceptions. Thank you, everyone, for posting comments and continual patience!

craiggrandpa is an eyeball