icecream in the sky

Mostly I’ve been working, but a couple of days ago, I visited my friends Dan and Azure on the river,
and we tore down the highway on Dan’s blaze orange Harley trike. Overhead, some skywriting was
dissipating in the clouds, and all that was still legible was the word “ICECREAM” with an “M” the
length of a few football fields. The trike used to have deer antlers attached to the front, and I’ve
fond memories of riding it shirtless to the ol’ swimming hole last summer. (Dan can be seen in
that community college art scholarship link from twelve years ago.)


In recent comments, Tita asked if I’d attended the Haarlem festival. That photo with Hansje and
Charles Berberian is from Haarlem 2004, in fact. Afterwards, I traveled with Seth and Chris Ware
to a comics event in London at the Institute for Contemporary Art. Benoit (who I met in Brussels?)
asked about the “poo shirt” featured in that photo. The design is by my dear buddy Bwana Spoons
– a prolific and inspired painter, cartoonist, toy-making gnome. He has his own shop/gallery/studio
now called GRASS HUT CORPS where you can find other fancy shirt designs. Here’s a feeble drawing
I made this Tuesday of Bwana and my other dear friend Lark Pien at breakfast.


Lark has further descriptions of our breakfast and Bwana’s store at her blog. She, too, is a
brilliant painter, cartoonist, and sometimes toy-maker. Her visit was quite inspiring. Concerning
portraits of friends, you definitely have my permission to include my Aaron drawing on your site, Rama.

Finally, Jimmy asked about tattoos. Here’s a few that you kind fans have sent my way.
Jocelyn, Tawner, Amanda, Liz, and Ciera. Please remind me who that intense and
impressive leg tattoo belongs to. I know there’s more out there, from skin flashed
at signings and conventions, so feel free to send links to motivate Jimmy.


craigicecream in the sky