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PS… For those who asked, I won’t be making it to San Diego Comic-con. Sorry for the late notice. David Yoder, I thumbnail my books on loose leaf typing paper for easy editing. Fotini, it’s worth reading Alice Weaver Flaherty’s Midnight Disease on inspiration and block, but when I’m creatively depressed I find great solace in Henry Miller’s On Writing and Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet. That and my buddy Shannon’s advice that “the way out is through”. (Sounds like something overheard in a haze of peyote.) Chris Sweet, your story is moving. I can certainly sympathize. Aurora, too! Robin, the bulk of my hand-pain is ganglion cysts growing on all my knuckles. I spend a lot of time and money trying to get doctors to fix this. In the past, I’ve also had tendonitis which can be more easily addressed. Posture and breaks mainly. If you can’t change your posture during creative work, then change it all the rest of the time – while hanging out and eating meals, etc. And THIS works: Soak your hand in HOT water for five minutes. Then soak it in cold water for five minutes. Then hot for three, then cold for three, then hot for three, and finally cold for three. I would do this at the bathroom sink while reading a book for almost an hour. Thank you, everyone, for your comments AND for the amazing snail mail that reached my PObox this week. (Nathan, Matthew, Kim, Dan, and beautiful drawings from Sally. Plus Alec Longstreth’s latest Phase 7.) Here’s Alec and Jeffrey Brown’s recent dapper depictions of this blogger.


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